Top 11 Recipes of 2011

So, I am a slacker and totally taking the easy way out and doing a ‘Top 11 Recipes of 2011’ recap post today. Everyone else is doing it, I have to do it too. Plus, my allergies are acting up (who has allergies in December??), my throat hurts, and my head feels like it’s underwater. Just in time for New Year’s! I am notorious for getting sick around the holidays, like stage 5, hazmat suit, gross cough, black lung, plague type of sick, but normally this occurs over Christmas, which is fine since I’m not into Christmas, but no, my immune system is just playing mind games with me. I almost thought that since I didn’t get sick yet, I might have escaped. I am a fool for being so optimistic.

But enough about my impending plague-like illness, let’s talk food (awesome segue, I know). I did a lot of cooking this year, like a whole lot. Some of it was good, some of it was a disaster, some of it was amazing, some of it resulted in bloodshed, but it kept me busy and for the most part, I liked doing it. So without further delay, this year’s top 11 recipes. Enjoy!

Top 2011 Recipes

1. Engagement Chicken

I really want to make this again. It was delicious and easy and delicious, but I am afraid to out of fear that any more of my friends become engaged. I can’t handle talking about wedding details with anymore people than I already have to. But you dear reader, you should totally make it. It’s so simple and fast and seems kinda fancy and delicious. Did I mention it’s delicious?

2. Jamie Oliver’s Best Ever Green Beans

I could live on these green beans. They are my favorite vegetable, so I wouldn’t have a problem with just eating green beans for the rest of my life. I didn’t think it was possible for me to love green beans even more than I already did, until I had these. Garlic and parmesan make everything better

3. Gluten Free 7 Layer Bars

There is just something about a seven layer bar, even if you don’t particularly care for all the ingredients (I’m looking at you coconut and chocolate…), but when you put them together, it’s just magical. I think the most important selling point of the seven layer bar is the graham cracker crust. Graham cracker crusts are like the garlic and parmesan of the baking world, they just make everything better.

4. Gluten Free Jalapeño Poppers

Spicy, cheesy, crunchy = win, win, win. Even though they required a lot of work and dishes, which makes them more of a win, win in my book.

5. Crockpot Salsa Chicken Tostadas

Salsa chicken might be the easiest and most useful sort of chicken to make. Crockpot, chicken, salsa, done (in a few hours). Tostadas are one way of serving it, but I think salsa chicken would also be quite happy in your burritos, quesadillas, salads or even your tacos if you are so bold.

6. Jamie Oliver’s Chicken & Leek Stroganoff

This was probably one of the best meals I made all year.

7. Gluten Free Oven-Fried Pickles

I have a pickle problem, like legit need-a-12-step-program-asap, type of pickle problem. I could probably go through a jar a day if I wanted, but good pickles are expensive. I only buy the best pickles, not the gross kind of the shelf in the middle of the condiment aisle, I’m talking cold case deli section buy the cheese and sandwich meat. They are pretty price, which is probably a good thing, because I doubt I could afford a real pickle habit. This also reminds me, I really need to make these again.

8. BBQ Pulled Chicken with Cauliflower Casserole & Easy Potato Salad

I’m not quite sure which of these recipes is the most popular since there are three here. I am going to guess the barbecue pulled chicken, which I made in a crock pot and added barbecue sauce too. I really think the star of the show should be the cauliflower casserole. It has become a family favorite and has definitely made cauliflower a lot more enjoyable.

9. Gluten Free Pumpkin Gnocchi with Sage Brown Butter Sauce

I am really wary of pumpkin. I have never really enjoyed it in the various pie, bar, cake, bread and coffee forms it assumes over the fall, but pumpkin gnocchi would be an exception. Pumpkin gnocchi is wonderful and surprisingly easy to make.

10. Cake Batter Martinis

Quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I’ve made this year.

11. Caramelized Onion Hummus

I was originally only going to do my top 10 recipes of the year, but when I saw that this was number 11, I had to include it. The elusive hummus that haunted my dreams and made me want to move across continents and oceans to be with in purchasing distance again, that is until I made my own. I still want to move across continents and oceans and stuff, don’t get me wrong, but hummus is no longer my main motivating factor.

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