Sunday Summary: November 6, 2011

The end of daylight savings is one of my favorite days of the year. You are given an extra hour and told to sleep in, it’s practically rude not to. I was really looking forward to getting an extra hour of sleep and not waking up to complete darkness outside, but unfortunately my pups did not get the memo and one of them decided it was necessary to wake me up at 5:30 this morning. I was devastated.

Luckily the rest of the weekend made up for the loss of the hour. I got to spend all day yesterday with my best friend and her boyfriend fiancé looking at wedding venues, which was sort of exhausting; weddings are serious business. And last night I had a wonderful Skype date with two of my other best friends. Let me tell you a 17 hour time difference can be rough on a friendship, even a 2 hour time difference can be trying, but it’s always nice to know that your friends are always there , even if they live 17 hours in the future.

And lastly, my birthday is sometime in the near future, which I could really care less about, but it does give me the perfect excuse to make all my favorite recipes and share them, so that’s what we’ll be doing around here for the next week or so. I’m kind of looking forward to that, you should be to. And if you stick around long enough, there will even be a chance to enter my first ever giveaway!

Things I Made This Week:

Things I Want to Make:

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