Sunday Summary! July 24, 2011

This week involved a lot cleaning and and preparing and cooking for a lot of people I didn’t know. It was weird. Then my one of my favorite singers died. Poor Amy. It was sad. But mainly this week involved a whole lot of this…

except that it's real...

If you have never met me in real life, I should probably take the time to point out that I am the most accident/injury/illness prone person you will ever encounter. I can currently count at least 7 injuries of varying degrees, along with one unknown mystery ailment, which is the bane of my existence at the moment. It’s taken years to perfect this extraordinary skill set of awkward and clumsy, but I really do make the most of it. Plus, all of my ailments and how I acquired them tend to make for fairly amusing stories.

Things I Made:

Things I Want to Make:

Things to Check out:

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