Sunday Summary July 17, 2011

This weekend was a four day weekend for me, which can never be a bad thing, but there were a couple days involving doctors and sickness, so that part wasn’t too fun.

But I did crockpot and I salsaed and I baked and I roasted and I menu planed and I barbecue planned. There will be more on that later.

And I did get to go here. (hey, the nearest one is 40 minutes away, it’s a big treat to go!)


And now I must head to Costco to prepare for the impending Irish invasion. There will also be more on that later.

Things I Made This Week:

Things I Want to Make:

2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary July 17, 2011

  1. I’m stopping by from FTLOB! I loving cooking so naturally I LOVE your blog, I love categories on the side and I’m excited to check more of them out! I love all the linking and referencing to other posts and the posts that include pictures are my favorite, I’ve always thought pictures are a reward for reading and those a reward for me because they make me hungry and inspire me to try to create something as amazing! And why not add a cute picture of you or your favorite cooking supplies in your welcome to blog corner, it’d be personal and add some cute color! I’m glad I got to see your blog! I hope you have a wonderful start to a good week!

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