Thirsty Thursday: Bastille Day Edition

Well, there has been a mini blogging hiatus in these parts, but hopefully things will get back to normal shortly. I’m still quasi-commuting 300-ish+ miles a week, but I think one of these days things will hopefully settle down…

Since I was able to duck out of work early this week, I was looking for any excuse to celebrate… and Bastille Day seemed like a decent excuse.

A quick trip to Trader Joe’s and BevMo solved all of our French wine and French cheese Bastille Day problems. Some French wine and some French cheese made for a perfect dinner.

We picked up some Arrogant Frog  Lily Pad White Chardonnay and some Paul de Coste Blanc de Blancs Brut  in the BevMo 5 cent sale. I really didn’t have high hopes for either wine, and while both seemed a tad bit sweet for my taste, they were both very smooth and very well balanced.

This is probably just new to me, but Le Delice de Bourgogne cheese from Trader Joe’s…Drive, Sprint, Bike, GOOOOO there right now and buy in mass quantities. It could quite possibly be heaven in cheese form. It’s a cow’s milk cheese with a rind similar to brie, but oh, my! the texture, flavour, and creaminess. OUT OF THIS WORLD. Buy it, let it sit out for a few hours and then attempt to eat the whole thing as fast as possible…

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