Hello There!

So my  wonderful friend Lauren has officially inspired me to do something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. I started a blog. I never really understood the point of starting one before, but Lauren insists I might be good at it. I like to talk, a lot. I like to take pictures, a lot. And I have a fancy new camera, all of which seem to be pre-requisites for blogging.

This blog is also for a way to chronicle my (mis)adventures in the kitchen. I have always loved to cook and being a dirty, hippy pescatarian who may be forced to give up gluten (aka wheat, barley, rye) sometime in the future it definitely leads to some interesting concoctions and mishaps. There will probably also be a smattering of a few of my other favorite things topics, life obsessions, and burgeoning new interests included as well. While I don’t have O.C.D., I am both obsessive and compulsive about many different things, which tends to bring about adventures, near run-ins, many rants, lots of laughing and general hilarity.

My current life obsessions are:

  • The two most awesome dogs in the world
  • Traveling
  • Food
  • Wine
  • Dinner parties
  • The Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Marc Jacobs purses
  • And last, but not least, my amazing friends and parents

My new interests include:

  • Photography (inspired by my fancy new camera and two amazing photographers that I know (check out Samaruddin Stewart and Chris Bolin))
  • Job hunting
  • Gluten free cooking

One thought on “Hello There!

  1. Welcome to the family Clare! Healthy living and fitness blogging is going to change the world or at least our little part of it.

    I look forward to some fantastic misadventures. Please let me know if you want to publish any fantastic disasters over a Fitblogger.

    Look forward to getting to know you better, comment lots! You’ll make tons of friends.

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